Sunday, May 25, 2014

stop waiting

Why do you wait to get the answers from other people?  When you already know the answer.  Why do you wait to respond to something that is out of integrity with who you are?  Why are you waiting to forgive those that have wronged you?  Why do you wait to be the powerful you?  Why do you wait to take a stand for truth and light and just follow others?  You know better, so stop it.

This is not a beat up stick.  This is an unconditional loving reminder that you are holy and called of God to do the work.  You are chosen to do God's work because you want to.  Your heart longing seeks the truth, to know the truth and live the truth.

STOP WAITING!!!  Stop waiting for everyone else.  I get where you are at and you are healing a broken heart.   As you continue to heal, the shackles will fall at your feet.  You will create emotional and spiritual freedom for yourself, generations to come and generations that passed on.  Do the work that feels difficult.

Prepare a space that is safe for you to BE.  Prepare a space to be your sanctuary.  Prepare a space so that others may also feel and experience peace, healing and heaven on earth in that space and in your presence.  That they will know by being in your presence, they are also in the presence of God.


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