Tuesday, May 20, 2014

what if. . .

What if I choose to live my DREAMS?  What if I choose to step outside of my comfort zone?  What if I choose to move faraway from the life I love here in Utah?  What if I choose to create a new life where every damn thing is foreign to me? What if I choose to trust my INTUITION?  What if I choose to STOP listening to all my self doubts?  What if I choose to believe in myself?  What if I choose to leave all my loved ones?  What if I create a new BEAUTIFUL LIFE?  What if I could still practice massage in a foreign country?  What if I stopped stressing about what the future holds and just TRUST?  WHAT IF. . .  WHAT IF. . . WHAT IF. . .

What would happen if I took a leap of faith and did move to London? The answer that keeps coming to me is. . .JUST GO!


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