I am living a fulfilling life full of:  Life's difficult, sometimes dark and always beautiful lessons; and creating world peace by healing my spirit with forgiveness and God's unconditional love.

The only passion that ever need be bridled is the passion of the ego, conceitedness, arrogance, resentment, stubbornness and hatred (the list goes on!!!).

My true passions in life. . .

Always be honest and kind.
Living a life in truth and love.
Finding the good news in life. 
There are two sides to every story.
Having deep, meaningful and spiritual conversations.
The relationship is more important than being "right." 
Trusting God's plan and letting my ego's plan go. 
Creating heaven on earth begins with me. 
Honoring others agency and choices.
Mother earth.
Inspiring others to be courageous by living a life of unconditional love. D
Discovering the love God has for me. Speaking my truth with compassion and kindness. 
Learning the beautiful lessons in life. 
Knowing I am a child of light. 
Doing the work of God (being love, giving love and receiving love).  
My secondary passions. . .

Massage Therapy.
A good book to read.
Kissing and snuggling.
Playing board and card games with my family.
Being silly, weird and laughing a lot.
Learning about history, religion and philosophy.