Saturday, April 6, 2013


Let's face it, we're all human.  We've all been stuck in a rut.  We've all experienced fear, loneliness, pain and heartache.  We've all lost someone we love whether that be through death or for whatever reason they're no longer part of our lives anymore.  We've all had moments where we ask ourselves, we ask the Universe, we ask God . . .could it get any worse?  And then it does. But then something wonderful and beautiful happens. . .

God sends an angel to give love, strength, courage, healing, a gentle touch, hugs, light, hope and the list goes on.  These angels come in the form of mothers, fathers, siblings, pets, nature, friends and even strangers.

If we ever wonder or see someone struggling let's pray to love with more compassion, sincerity and with an open heart and ask the Universe and God to let spirit guide us.  Being open to spirit and what God asks me to do is my goal.  If I can do that, then I am the hands of God and angel to someone in need of light and love in there life.  Spirit is what makes the difference in my life because I know I am someones angel.


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