Sunday, January 27, 2013

i choose, i am, i know

The way I choose to love myself is. . .  with gentleness and kindness; letting go of my ego and forgiving all those who I "think" have hurt or wronged me; being open to all those who experience something different than me; trusting spirit with an open heart; letting go of expectations of myself, men, women, relationships, school or work; with joy and happiness; love begins with me by forgiving myself, trusting myself and loving myself.

I AM. . .  loving; kind; trusting God; connected to source and light; a giver and receiver; honest; accountable; joyful and silly; laughter; inspiring; creating healing; experiencing beauty; grounded; celebrating my life and the lives of all my soul brothers and sisters; beautiful; listening to spirit with an open heart; forgiving; learning, loving and living.

What I know. . . I am powerful; I create light and shine my light in dark places and dark spaces; I am at choice; I am a creator with God; I am a child of God; I am living, experiencing and giving light to all of God's creations; that I love to love; I create peace, celebration, forgiveness, joy and healing; that I have a purpose in this life; that I am always safe and my angels are here guiding and protecting me; I am loved very deeply by God, the Light, my angels and my soul brothers and sisters; I love being alive in this human body; I know that healing is a choice; God is in me, as me.


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