Friday, April 26, 2013

i am so blessed...

I am grateful for...
  • Utah; that I get to experience the beautiful mountains where I live everyday; hiking; so many State and National Parks within hours of driving from where I live; my family and lots of good friends live here; I love experiencing all four seasons here (even though it's bi-polar weather half the year); my favorite part of each season is the beginning because it's all about the obvious change and transition into something new; meditating and connecting to God and the Universe in nature; Moab and Zion's National Park (need I say more?).
  • Food; I am not a picky eater :); green smoothies; anything my sister-in-law, Glinda, makes (cooking, baking, preparing). If she touches it, I know it's going to be good; healthy food; learning about nutrition; ice cream (one of my biggest weaknesses); Kevin's home grilled steak...hmmm good; salad; that I like healthy nutritional food; pineapple; mangoes; peaches; oranges; peanut butter; thai food; chocolate milk; anything chocolate; salmon; salt, pepper, curry, garlic and cayenne; Leatherby's ice cream and cheese fries; pumpkin soup; carrot cake; the list could keep going...
  • People; my Marmee who has a heart of gold; I've got the best sisters in the world: Rebekah, Alexa, Glinda and Jenn; my other sisters who are not related by blood, aka soul sisters (to many to name, I would probably unintentionally forget someone and you know that we're soul sisters!); connecting heart to heart, soul to soul whether you are family, friend, or stranger; that I have a great relationships with all my siblings, that we all love being together and hanging out; I love being with people I love and who love me right back!
  • Yoga; I like practicing yoga in my daily life; I like practicing asanas at home and going to a yoga class; I like how I see myself grow and try new things in my practice (especially the ones I am terrified to try ie. inversions); as I experiment and try new positions it gives me strength and courage to try new things in my daily life.
  • God; a loving Creator; knowing that I am created from light; knowing that I am a child of light; knowing that I am light; that God is always patient, loving, guiding, healing, inspiring, and giving me courage; God's abundance is my abundance; the trust that I have in my Creator and the Universe; ask and ye shall receive!
What are you grateful for?


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