Monday, March 31, 2014

fourteen truths I learned from cancer

A few days ago a friend of mine relapsed with colon cancer.  I do not know the details of the situation or his prognosis from the oncologist, yet.  My heart aches for him and his family as I know they are searching for answers and peace.

Hearing about my friend and his relapse has caused some reflection on my own experiences with cancer, my search for answers and finding peace.  The following are things I learned along the way with being a cancer warrior myself.
  1. I discovered joy, happiness and self worth.
  2. I rocked a bald head proudly and refused to wear hats and scarves (unless it was windy or cold outside).
  3. It taught me to live in the present moment.
  4. Stop avoiding emotional pain, because when I avoid I create physical disease.
  5. It saved my life.
  6. It was not a "trial," it was an opportunity to let God heal my heart.
  7. It is one of my greatest blessings.
  8. I learned to receive the love God has for me.
  9. I learned to receive the love that friends, family, doctors, nurses and complete strangers have for me.
  10. I learned that as I receive love, my heart expands and I give love more sincerely and authentically.
  11. I had a second chance at life (2x).
  12. Sometimes healing looks differently then I expect. 
  13. Just because someone transitions and passes on into the next life doesn't mean they didn't receive the healing they needed or deserve.
  14. If I had a chance to rewrite my life's journey with cancer, I wouldn't change it because of the lessons learned and blessings received from the experience.
Once again, I choose to embrace my cancer journey with gratitude.  I am continually learning that healing is a choice every day of my life and a journey back to God.

Friends, I invite each of you to take a look at what you and others might look at as a struggle, trial or crisis and find the blessings and truth in your own life and experiences.

My sister, Rebekah and me right before I shaved my head.  I honestly did not know how thin my hair was or how sickly I looked until after I shaved it.

Two of my best friends Jill, Rhianna and me right after shaving my head for the first time.  Jill offered to shave it for me and did a fabulous clean smooth job.  This night I learned a lot about the fixed beliefs we have about hair.  Well, I have never felt more beautiful or radiant then I did that night.   This is the night I decided to rock the baldness.



  1. Caroline! Thank you for allowing me into your heart! You are a beautiful soul and the healing powers available to you are most pointedly shared to all who have the eyes to sees and the hearts to know and feel! Thank you for exemplifying this and brining to light the hidden and dark things from your soul to allow the light to enter! You ROCK for sure! Thanks for receiving all that God wants you to have and feel. Oh that we all could heal our hearts from the false beliefs about ourselves so as to receive all good, all joy, all peace! Love your sister. Ruth

    1. Ruth, thank you for being part of my process and journey. The lessons are still being learned.