Sunday, October 27, 2013

the perfect environment...not!

My thinking unhappy thoughts leads to me feeling unhappy.  My feeling unhappy leads to unhappy attitude.  My miserable, not so good, unhappy attitude leads to me being unhappy.  My being = unhappy girl.

I am blaming part of my unhappiness on my current job.  I strongly dislike my job and I am miserable.  I believe it's important to enjoy where I work and be surrounded by positive things.  I believe that being in a good and happy environment does wonderful things for my health.  I've had no desire to be there from day one and because of that I haven't put much effort into my actual job.  I love the massage part of it, but everything else I am very negative towards.  My negativity is effecting me as a person, it's effecting my thoughts, effecting my attitude about getting another job, effecting the massage I give and effecting my confidence as an individual. I realized that I am being negative and pessimistic about where I work, I'm afraid of getting another massage job and that I won't enjoy giving massage.  This makes me so sad because I love massage and bodywork.

I haven't been thriving in my work environment, but I am learning to be confident in myself and in places that I am uncomfortable.  I am learning that if I wait for the perfect environment to be there I will have missed much opportunity to make a difference.  My heart is in the right place and I want to do what God asks me to do, but how can I even be open to what God asks me to do, if I'm negative all the time.

My job is not the perfect environment.  It is the perfect opportunity to make a difference and bless those lives around me.  Yes, I am going to look for work else where, but I am also going to be happy where I am at, enjoy the work I do and make my environment a better place.

Cheers to creating the perfect opportunity to bless and touch all of God's children who I come in contact with in my life. God bless us everyone!


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