Saturday, May 11, 2013

the pros and cons of bus riding vs. driving my own vehicle

  1. I have to plan out my day in advance and sometimes hour by hour.
  2. It takes at least twice as long riding the bus and train.
  3. I get up an hour earlier then I typically would to be on time to school.
  4. I choose sleep over eating breakfast most days because of the early hours of waking.
  5. I can eat breakfast on the bus!
  6. I don't have to pay for car insurance.
  7. I buy a monthly bus pass, instead of spending hundreds of $$$ on gas.
  8. I am saving money by riding the bus.
  9. If I leave my house even one minute late, I either end up running after the bus (ugh) or miss it altogether.
  10. I get exercise walking (or running haha) to the bus stop, home or school.
  11. I can read a book, study, do homework, sleep, meditate or write on the bus.
  12. I make friends with the bus drivers.
  13. Seeing the same faces everyday on the bus, giving a friendly smile and hello.
  14. People watching (who doesn't love people watching?).
  15. MY FAVORITE ONE... Making new friends at the bus stop, on the bus or train.
One day while waiting for my bus to arrive, I walked over to a bench to have a seat. Sitting on that bench next to me is a man wearing sunglasses, backpack in tow and a long white stick sitting next him.  This man was obviously blind and his name is Warren.  Sitting there together we began conversing about where we were going and life in general.  He inspired me by his kindness, gentle words and that life is still wonderful and good even when it throws some crazy stuff at you.  I am grateful for this moment in time to meet a beautiful soul and connect heart to heart.  I may never see my friend Warren, again. But that day he made a difference in my life and I am a better human being for meeting him!


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