Sunday, January 6, 2013

beautiful, abundant and blessed 2013

Happy New Year!  2013, I have big plans for you and I am excited to be a live!

  • Grounded.  I am a daughter of God and a child of Light.  Sometimes I forget this.  I then compare myself to others and let their opinions make my decisions.  Confusion sets in and I feel out of place in my own skin.  I can feel myself creating chaos  As I ground myself in spirit, truth and love, I remember to live my life and shine on.
  • Open, trust and free-fall.  I choose to open my heart, mind and spirit to all possibilities.  As I trust my spirit and Creator with life, I can feel myself free-falling and loving the experience.  I am creating beauty and happiness everywhere I choose to go and be.
  • Balance and wholeness.  I choose wisely as I care for my physical, emotional and spiritual health; and I create balance and wholeness.  I know Creator guides, supports and blesses my life.  I am happy, healthy and whole.
  • Christ's Consciousness.  I choose a higher perspective in my relationships, experiences and circumstances.  I choose peace in my heart.  I celebrate life and new beginnings by living Christ Consciousness.
  • Laughter, silliness and joy.  As I am choosing to live my life in these spirit ways of being I laugh a lot; I love being silly; and a deep sense of joy is always in my heart.
Yes, yes, yes!  I am creating a beautiful, abundant and blessed 2013!


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