Saturday, December 1, 2012

blog name change

I just started this blog and I already want to change the name!?!  For any of you new to this blog, it use to be: Vitality Inspiration.  Now: Live Inspired.  Let me give some clarity and insight of why the name change.

In the winter/spring 2010 I had this dream of creating a website to inspire physical, emotional, and spiritual healing; inspire individuals to be their best selves and be the Light that they are in this world. The name Vitality Inspiration fit perfectly.

I still have this dream, but now I have a higher perspective of what I am creating.  Just because I am inspired doesn't mean I am going to make different or new choices and live it.  When I am inspired by someone or something and choose to apply it in my life; step outside of my own box and make a difference in this world; or share my blessings. I am living that inspiration.  This blog's purpose and focus is about living the inspired life and sharing it.



  1. You inspire me! Love love love you, Cari!