Sunday, November 25, 2012

you say victim, i say powerful creator

After finishing chemotherapy (the first time) in 2010, I pondered and reflected a great deal on everything that happened, how I handled the situation, and what would I do differently?  And I have said on many occasions, "Well if I ever had to do this over again, this is what I would do next time" or "this is what I would do  differently."  Words are powerful and I would suggest be conscious of what you ask and wish for, because you might get it.  I did!  And the good news is, I wouldn't change any of it.  I know that might sound strange, but trust me on this one.  I am grateful for the blessing called cancer.

My friend, Rhianna, and I speak often about the connection between our physical bodies, emotions, and spirits; that our souls call forth the lessons we get to learn in this life and how those lessons manifest themselves in our bodies.  I knew if I experienced cancer again (this is what I would do differently...), it would be an opportunity to heal emotionally and spiritually because I didn't create and choose healing the first time.

I have encountered many individuals, who when they find out about my diagnosis they say "that's terrible" or "that sucks" or "I'm sorry" as if I am some kind of victim and deserve pity.  My spirit called this lesson forth and I created this.  I co-created with God so that I can have emotional and spiritual healing, trust my spirit, trust God, and claim everything that God has meant for me to be and that I already AM.  I am no victim, I am a powerful creator.



  1. Wow. You are such an inspiration of optimism and joy in the journey. Warmest wishes and love!

  2. Thank you Ash. I hope you'll keep reading, there is more to come!

  3. Beautiful Carrie!!! I so believe this 100%!!YOU ARE POWERFUL! And look what you get to create next! Massage school will bring about MUCH healing for you in so many ways you cnat even imagine right now. I love you girl!! It was so fun chating with you tonight. Congrats on your beautiful blog. ;)